Pre-Tune Checklist

To make sure your appointment is put to the most efficient use, the following should be checked prior to visiting our dynamometer. Failure to ensure that the following items are in proper working order will cause your tune to be inaccurate and/or unsafe. Repairs that need to be made while on the dynamometer are NOT part of your quoted tuning rates, and will be billed at our normal hourly rate in addition to the tuning fee.

Mechanical Check List:

- Engine Compression
- Vacuum, Intake manifold and intercooler sealed under vacuum and pressure.
- Oil and water lines properly tightened
- Turbo does not have excessive shaft play (if applicable)
- Exhaust properly installed and leak free
- Wheels in good condition and properly balanced
- Vehicle properly aligned
- No leaks of any kind from the crankcase, cooling system, transmission etc.
- Spark Plugs fresh and have the proper heat range
- Oil fresh and at the proper level

Fuel System:

- Fuel pump properly sized and in working order
- Fuel Injectors clean and fuel injector O-rings free from leaks
- Fuel pressure regulator in good working order
- Fuel filter clean and functioning properly
- Fuel lines and hoses properly installed and of the proper type/size


- Clutch working properly and able to handle the power you plan on making
- Transmission working properly and filled with clean fluid
- Differentials working properly and filled with clean fluid
- Wheel bearings in good working order
- Brakes functioning properly and properly suited for your power level


- Check ALL vehicle grounds!
- Battery and alternator working properly
- No engine lights or codes, unless they are known and need to be cut off due to no longer having that equipment on the vehicle
- Tuning connections hooked up and available, IE ALDL (if applicable)