Spare Change

26 x 8.5 Slick National Record Holder

Tyler Endres

Running our Custom Valve Afco Shocks

Richard Maheu

Runs Our No Prep Long Travel Struts

John Schaeffer

Chassis Tuning - Power Management - Track Support

Ryan Mitchell

Putting in Work With Our No Prep Long Travel Struts

Kendall Goin

Putting Our No Prep Extended Travel Struts To Work

Kari Bahus

Open Container - Custom Headers, Wiring, Track Support

Need Shocks -- Look No Further


Custom Shocks and Valving

We offer custom shocks and valving for all types of racing.
From no prep to radial racing we have you covered

Custom Tuning

We offer custom engine and transmission tuning on everything from daily drivers, street rods, to full on drag cars.

Trackside Support

We offer trackside support. Which ranges from chassis setup and tuning to engine power management and tuning.

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