Our Shock and Strut Services

Shock/Struts Rebuild & Dyno

All shocks and struts we sell are dyno tested on our Roehrig Shock dyno.

We do this to ensure each pair of shocks or struts are matched to each other and are valved correctly for the combination they are going in.

If you send your shocks or struts for rebuild or repair, once completed they are dyno tested and checked to be sure they are within spec’s required by the mfg. or the customer.

This service ensures the best performance for our customer and their vehicle. It also provides a baseline for future changes or troubleshooting.

On Track Chassis and Suspension Tuning

If you require help on the track we can assist you. Most tracks offer on-track test sessions. (These can be arranged via the track owners.) We can meet with you at the track and go to work. We will work with you to achieve optimum performance from your setup. This service will also include visually going over your chassis and suspension with you to find areas of improvement as well as potential part upgrades.

Tuning Data and Log Analysis

*Are you struggling to interpret your data and review your logs?
*Do you feel embarrassed to ask “simple” questions in forums?
*Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data in your logs and tunes?
*Do you have experience using data but, because you use it infrequently, you struggle to remember what you should be looking for?
If any of these apply to you we can help. We will look over your logs with you, help you with program navigation, as well as interpret the data and help you with a direction for your chassis and power management strategies

We Offer Custom Shocks and Valving For All Types Of Drag Racing

No Prep Extended Travel and Long Travel Shocks and Struts

We can build you long travel struts to provide the travel you desire for no prep or back of the track racing conditions.

Our valving has a large range of adjustment so we have you covered from the "slick" first round pass to your "sticky" final round trip to the winner's circle

Shock Valving For Radials Prep and No Prep

We can set you up with a shock setup for your radial tired car or truck.
Whether you are racing on a peel your shoes off radial prepped track or running radials for a no prep calss we have you covered.

Small Tire Slicks Whether you are on 29's, 28's, or even the mighty 26's we have you covered

Slick cars take a whole different shock valving and chassis strategy compared to radial cars. When you get on the little tires this because even more apparent. No worries we have you covered here as well

Street Cars and Cruisers

We sell shocks and coilover setups to fit most applications. Custom chassis set-up? We can work with you to calculate your shock stroke and springs need to get you the best ride and handling performance for your vehicle.