ECU Mail Order Custom Tuning - For Basic Bolt-ons and Engine Swaps


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We offer custom mail order tunes for the following vehicles: *1998-2002 F-Body Cars *1997-2004 C5 Corvettes *V8 GenIII Trucks (1999-2007)4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1 *V8 GenIV Cars & Trucks(2005 & Newer) (Tuning also available...

Tags: Car & Light Truck ECU Programming , Diablosport Predator U7135 Programmer

We offer custom mail order tunes for the following vehicles:
*1998-2002 F-Body Cars
*1997-2004 C5 Corvettes
*V8 GenIII Trucks (1999-2007)4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1
*V8 GenIV Cars & Trucks(2005 & Newer)
(Tuning also available for Dodge and Ford. After purchase of a programmer.)

Through our mail order tunes we provide the following adjustments:
*Basic Tune: Includes the following:
-Fan activation temps (for low temp t-stats)
-Torque management removal (commonly found in GM cars)
-Rear O2 sensor codes deleted (Needed after a new header install)
-Speedo calibration (for gear and tire height changes)
-Desired idle speed (for "bigger" cams)
-Skip shift function delete (if requested)
-Shift points optimized
-Injector size changes

We also offer removing the security for engine swaps as well as removing any other codes related to engine or transmission swaps.

Mail order tunes are done via HPTuners. Mail order tunes are not a substitute for wideband/dyno tuning for engines with internal modifications.
Mail order Tunes will includes free updates for 90 days from the time of original purchase with the customer covering shipping and handling both ways.

Please complete and PRINT the form below and send along with your ECU. Turn around time for programming is 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS and your ECU will be shipped back UPS GROUND unless otherwise requested.

PLEASE SHIP TO: Sho-Me Speed 2190 N FR 231 Strafford, MO 65757

Contact Info
Alternate Phone
Street Address
Vehicle Info
Vehicle Year
Vehicle Make
Extended or Reg Cab
2wd or 4wd
Gear Ratio (ignore if stock)
Tire Size or height (ignore if stock)
Engine Info
What Engine Size?
Other Engine-What Cubic Inch
Stage I,II,III Heads
Cam Specifications ex:208/212-530/532-114
Injector Size? (ignore if stock)
Upgraded inline or
intank fuel pump?
Other Charger
How much boost?
Electric Fans?
PCM Fan Control-yes/no
Transmission Info
Shift Kit?
Fully Built Transmission?(allows removal of all engine and trans TM)
Stall Converter, What size?
How much Torque Management would you like removed ?
Removing TM beyond what is suggest may have undesired results. However, removing more TM will result in better shifting and less power being pulled by the PCM.
How firm would you like your vehicle to shift?
Driving Info
If you tow, How much? (lbs)
How often do you tow?
Driving Habits?
Tune for what Octane
How does your vehicle idle?
Idle/Driving Characteristics
Any SES lights?
Is your truck throwing any Service Engine Soon codes/light?
List all other mods here:
Not all modifications are listed above, please list all modifications done to the engine/trans.
i.e. headers, maf, plugs, wires, catback, etc.

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